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Although Lee Bottom Flying Field is a privately owned facility, we go through a annual certification process with state and federal agencies to make it a 'public use' facility. 

The airport is currently funded through our own savings; donations made from those that use the facility and/or appreciate the ability to keep the small airport operating for future generations to enjoy.

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Currently, the only services offered at the airport are:
a public restroom,  and
a few picnic tables.

If you are lucky enough to catch us at home, you can also expect to find smiles, wagging tails, and conversations about aviation.

We do have one camping cabin that is available for those traveling through the area during summer months and we do offer a lot of green grass as well as a location used by many as  an escape from the stresses of everyday life and the hustle and bustle of city life.

Yes, that is right.  We do not have fuel, nor do we have a building for flight planning and there is no flight school.  When you visit us, you are parking in our back yard.  So, we ask that you treat it like you would want us to treat your back yard.

Private Events
We have had several requests to have club based fly ins and picnics.  We would love to have you here. However due to the number of no shows after we have scheduled to be off work to be sure you can have your event, we now require a deposit when you book this type of event.  The deposit will be returned at the end of your visit at which time donations to the airport operation fund would also be appreciated.

camping photo Camping With My Plane
We also have several people who ask about camping. We usually do not have a problem with this but ask that you contact us first. And, again contributions to the airport operation fund are greatly appreciated. A donation bucket is located on the porch.