Red Baron
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1.How long does it take to mow the place?
Ans: 10 - 15 hours

2. Who pays for all this and do we make money?
Ans:  The airport is fortunate that Ginger and Rich Davidson have donated and contributed a large amount of time and money to keep it operating. Additionally, they have been instrumental in expanding the airport property over the past 15 years.   The airport operation is partially funded through an annual calendar fund raising drive. General Aviation supporters from all over the world contirbute to assist in keeping the airport going for current and future aviators. There are no businesses located at the field.

3. How long is the runway?
ANS:  Long enough for anything with a tailwheel.

4. What's the biggest airplane that has landed here?
Ans:  A DC-3.

5. Do you live here?
ANS: No, after the 2012 tornado Rich and Ginger moved.  There are advandatages and disadvantages to this move.  One of the advantages is a clear line sepearating personsal lives from the airport.  One of the disadvantages is we don't get to see everyone that visits.

6. Do you mind us landing here?
Ans: Not at all, it's certified public use, so you can.

7. Do you see any wildlife?
ANS:  There is just about everything here and we recommend you buzz the field once before you land.

8. What hours are you open?
ANS:  The runway is available for use 365 days a year - use your discretion for weather. Otherwise, we are here when we are here. If you are planning a special trip, it'd be wise to contact us before coming.

9. Do you ever get flooded?
ANS:  The flood water has never reached the runway. Even the Great Flood of 1937 crested approximately 15 feet below the runway elevation.

10. I'd like to come and visit . . . when is the best time to come?
ANS:  Of course . . . airplanes are welcome at anytime. If you are planning to drive in to see us, we recommend that you come during one of the events.  

11. Where did the name Lee Bottom come from?
ANS:  The airport is situated in a river bottom area along the Ohio River. The Lee family originally settled this area many moons ago and this particular bottom area was named after them - "Lee Bottom". Therefore, the airport is named after the geographic name given to the area in which it is situated.

12. Does the runway get soggy?
ANS:  The runway has a very slight slope to it to aid in drainage and the soil is loam - so it drains very well. We use the example of having 5 inches of rain at 3AM and we still had 250 planes land and take-off that day. But, again, please use your best judgment.

13. What do you have there?
ANS:  This is our favorite question because we know that you are asking 'what kind of airplanes are based here?'. But our answer is "A LOT OF GRASS". As for airplanes . . . well, it just depends but currently only a couple planes are based here.

14. How much grass do you mow?
ANS:  We currently are mowing over 50 acres of grass.

12. Do you offer airplane rides?
ANS:  We do not currently have a formal ride business. However, we have had visiting pilots offer those that show a true interest in their planes and aviation to go for a ride.

13. I'm flying in to visit and would like to spend the night - what do you recommend?
ANS: If you are looking for a motel, we have had good luck with Comfort Inn  (812) 273-4443 and the Clifty Inn (a little more upscale) 877-925-4389. Both are about a 15 - 20 minute car ride and you would need to be sure you had transportation available.

15. Do you have a courtesy car?
ANS:  Not officially. . . If we are here and we happen to have a spare vehicle, we usually can let you take it into town; or sometimes, we are headed that way anyway and will drive you there. Enterprise Rental Car 812-265-6260 car will pick you up and take you to their location.

16. Is there a restaurant close by?
ANS:  A favorite of a lot of visiting aircraft is to bring a picnic basket and eat on our picnic tables or to throw out a blanket on the grass and eat under the wing of their plane. We are 7 miles (via car) away from Hanover and the nearest restaurant. Schedules permitting, we've been known to take people "into town" to eat.

17. Can I camp out with my plane?
ANS:  Yes . . . If you enjoy your stay and want to be sure the airport is around for others to enjoy, there is a contribution bucket on the porch.

16. Are there public restroom facilities?
ANS:  There is a small single restroom facility located South of our house.

16. Do you have fuel?
ANS:  Unfortunately, we do not. This is on our list of things to try to do.

17. Do you have overnight hangar space?
ANS:  This just depends. It would be best to contact us ahead of time.